About Us

Altec Inc is a design/build firm located in Clearwater, Florida, USA

Altec Inc. is a design build firm that exists to provide alternative solutions to clients throughout the residential, commercial sectors. Altec Inc, also provide sub-contracting for the glazing and exterior metal stud/sheathing sector for your professional needs. Your project success will be accomplished by selecting the appropriate project team members.

Our comprehensive project delivery system can integrate any or all planning, financing, acquisitions, design, engineering and construction activities under one contract for total project responsibility.

This integrated approach where all team members buy into the success of the project provides for an efficient project delivery system by reducing time, risks, redundancies in fees, administrative costs and contingencies. In addition, project objectives are developed simultaneously with the design and financial comparisons necessary to support facility decisions.

Every project requires specific technical knowledge and expertise to support the planning, design and implementation activities. Altec Inc has in-house architectural designers, engineers and contractors. However, we recognize that our clients have resource specific requirements, internal resources and previous professional relationships. Altec Inc. association with a wide range of prequalified specialists including other architects, engineers, contractors and subcontractors provides our clients with appropriate and additional resources.

Over the years Altec Inc. principals have undertaken a wide range of assignments. Our experiences cover every aspect of project development from consulting, feasibility studies, development services to the complete design, engineering and construction expertise required to fully implement a project.